Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Russia to US: You're lying

Note from Kenneth E. Lamb: The Obama administration had stated that Syria's use of poison gas would be a "red line" that would precipitate the involvement of the US directly in the civil war.

Since we already know the US will lie to us about what is really happening in a war zone that it wants to get involved with (Vietnam and Iraq immediately come to mind), why should we believe the Obama WH now?

Well, the WH stated that Syria used poison gas against its citizens, thus the red line that Obama set was crossed. Convenient isn't it that it should occur exactly when the WH wants to give Al Qaeda, masquerading as Al Nesur rebels, sophisticated arms such as anti-aircraft missiles, night goggles, and other advanced items that Al Qaeda will be happy to use against us in America.

Trying to find actual Syrians in the rebel forces will lead you on a fool's errand.The insanity of giving these arms to our deadly enemies who will kill us as soon as look at us escapes anyone who is not part of the Obama nut house.

This, by the way, is a position pushed by Hillary Clinton, the same drunken psychotic sociopath who asked "what difference does it make?" when discussing her part in denying military assistance to the Americans in Libya.

The Russians say it is the so-called rebels - who are actually Al Qaeda militia and Qatar-funded mercenaries - who used poison gas.

So as you read the Russian take, ask yourself - who are you going to believe?

Russia claims Syrian rebels have used sarin gas

Russia's envoy to the UN has handed over evidence which indicates Syrian rebels used sarin gas in an attack in March.

 Vitaly Churkin said Russian experts had been to the scene of an attack at Khan al-Assal near Aleppo and had gathered firsthand evidence.
Syria's government has refused to let a UN inspection team into the country, but this week invited UN officials for talks on launching an investigation.

Mr Churkin said the Russian inquiry had "established" that rebel forces had fired a Bashar 3 missile at the town, killing 26 people, including 16 troops.

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