Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blacks using Whites to scapegoat their own failures to change their own community

I sent this letter to a journalist at the Detroit Free Press:

I read your article today about the Detroit City Council calling for civil rights charges to be placed against Zimmerman.

I'd like to respectfully suggest to you that the truth of the matter is that all the scapegoating of Whites for the problems in the Black community is to divert attention from this reality: Black leaders are complete failures at improving the lives of Blacks, so they blame their incompetent results on Whites to avoid the blame on themselves.

Consider this: Wright runs one of the largest churches in Chicago. How much difference has he and his church made to shut down the killing field?

Jackson's Rainbow Coalition is HQed in Chicago. What has it done to stop the murders - what is his effectiveness?

Sharpton's NAN is NY-based. What change in the rate of murders in the Black community can be accredited to him?

Farrakhan sent out "The Fruit of Islam" to end the muggings along Chicago's Magnificent Mile. Seen any difference there because of him?

Obama is the president. What difference has he made in the inner cities, and bringing down the murder rates there?

Again, these so-called leaders are bankrupt when it comes to results. I hope journalists will begin to ask the tough questions about why Blacks can't change their own community - because if someone White tries to provide leadership - they are called racist and hustled away post haste.

It's a blame game to divert attention from Black failure to change its own community.

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