Monday, July 22, 2013

It's the end of the line for the Black Racists and their lies

The Black racists are pathological liars when it comes to the Zimmerman case. Here's what the evidence at trial said:

Z was never instructed by an officer to not follow M. Dispatchers aren't LEOs.

Regardless, Z said, "OK," and was going back to his vehicle. He had already lost sight of M and was no longer following him.

M is the only person using racist language in this incident. The FBI has interviewed more than 35 people about Z, and cannot find one single statement that Z has any racial animosity whatsoever.

M was also pumped up by the homophobic Rachel Jantel - unknowingly the greatest witness ever to the total failure of the urban, liberal, union-run, so-called education system - who told him the man was probably a gay rapist.

M doubled back to Z and hid, waiting for him to pass by.

When Z did come by, M came up to Z, and said, "Do you have a problem?"

Z replied, "No."

M then said, "Well you do now!" and sucker punched Z, knocking him to the ground.

M got on top of the downed Z and did a "ground and pound" on Z, breaking his nose, lacerating his face, and finally smashing his skull on the concrete at least six times, which would lead in time to a concussion and possibly death.

Z had more than enough reasonable fear that he would be killed - he already had suffered the other qualifier for self-defense, grave bodily harm - to use the only means available to stop the racist, homophobic, well-known brawler, M.

The Black Racists, and the Black Racist Apologists in the MSM have lied about this from the beginning, starting with CNN pixelating the picture of the back of Z's head to hide the lacerations, to NBC deliberately altering the tape of the 911 call to create a racist quote out of Z's mouth that he never said.

Obama has shown that he too is a Black Racist with his latest remark about how if this had been a White teenager the result would have been different. That assumes that Z would not have shot his murderous assailant just because he was White - what an outrageous Black Racist remark.

In addition, Obama, in the same press conference, condemned racial profiling - when the truth is that he racially profiled his own grandmother in his "Dreams" book by calling her, "a typical White woman."

This is all about old Black Racists - Al, Jesse, Jeremiah, Eric, and Barack - trying desperately to make one last hurrah in the winter of their lives. The NAACP convention this year only drew 200 participants when it used to draw thousands, and the so-called national vigil today hasn't drawn a total of 5,000 nationwide.

The inconvenient truth for these Black Racists and their Apologists is that 1) Blacks don't have the racial walls up against their upward mobility, in fact, they have their own racist laws giving them preference over Whites for employment, education, bank loans, and job promotions, and 2) The standard of living for Blacks in America - except those in the Democrat, liberal hellholes of places like Chicago, Baltimore, DC, Philly, and Detroit - has never been better.

These old Black Racists and their Apologists in the MSM are painting a picture of fantasy when they think these pitiful turnouts represent the advent of a reinvigorated civil rights movement.Their egos are far larger than their reality.

That is why this will all blow over soon enough, and the Black Racists and their Apologists will once again have their hate speech limited to themselves.

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