Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How much of a patholoogical liar is Obama? His offical bio listed Kenya as his birthplace for 17years

By Kenneth E. Lamb

How much of a pathological liar is Obama? Consider this:

For 17 years, Obama's OFFICIAL literary bio listed Kenya as his birthplace. This is the bio that preceded every introduction of Obama at a speech, or other function where he was formally introduced. He read it, and he approved it before it was posted on his agent's website. This fact is VERY well documented.

His bio birthplace was changed the following April after he decided to run for president. That means he has publicly claimed Kenya as his birthplace far, far, longer than he has claimed the US.

Only one of two conclusions can be arrived at:

1) He was born in America, and lied about being born in Kenya as a matter of substantiating his claims for foreign student loans and the cachet of being a black African (pathological liar, still fighting the inner-shame of being half white so he makes himself African black, for both its social prestige, and its financial benefits obtaining an Ivy League education), or

2) He was born in Kenya just as he claimed in his bio, and only changed it to America, using the Certificate of Birth filed by his grandparents. It lists their home as his birthplace - which every Obama apologist pretends it doesn't say, since his latest story is that he was born in a Honolulu hospital.

Regardless, they listed their home as his birth place to ensure that if he ever needed it, he could claim American citizenship. He played this card when he decided to run for president.

(Interestingly, he now produces a regular birth certificate from the hospital - raising the question of why his grandparents bothered to file the Certificate of Birth a few days after his birth since it obviously wasn't needed to document his birth. And don't forget they claimed his birth happened in their house - why would they do that if he was born in a Honolulu hospital? Again you would have to be a pathological liar to do that shamelessly).

Sorry, but his telling the world he was born in Kenya for 16-years in his official literary bio doesn't add up to his now proclaimed birth in Honolulu.

As an aside, it was this revelation that Breitbart was going to make - but Breitbart's oh so well-timed "heart attack" occurred the day before he was going to release the bio story. What a coincidence . . .

The MSM has turned a blind eye to the reality that if someone white told the same lie for either rationalization, that white would be laughed out of politics as a full-blown whack job.

But the Black Racist MSM is just as sickeningly pathological in its lying. Thus, they bury it, just as they are burying the question of "Where, and from whom, inserted the YouTube video excuse into the Obama rationalization for Libya?"

Regardless, the birth lies are enough to judge Obama psychotically sociopathic and a pathological liar.

So, how much of a pathological liar is Obama . . . ?

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