Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lending some understanding to Anthony's sexting

Sydney Leathers - the sexting partner of Anthony Weiner.

OK, hetero men - you telling me you wouldn't want her sexting you - honestly?

Do you know how many people are sexting these days? It's not like sexting is all that deviant any more. In fact, you may have done it yourself.

The sin here (apologies in advance to the No God groupies) is being married and sexting other women. Apparently, just like Hillary with Bill, Huma is taking the same "stand by your man" path.

Of course, America now thrives on trashing anyone and everything, so I don't really expect much honesty on this thread about the incident.

Did you see what Ms. Leathers was tweeting back to him? And let's not forget the near-pornographic photos that show much more than you see on this site - check out thedirty dot com for a "fuller view."

Does any hetero man on this thread really mean it when he says that he wouldn't want that 23-year old hottie sexting him?

And just like Paris and Kim used sex tapes to get national attention, who is to say young Ms. Leathers isn't playing Anthony for the national stage and a shot at following in the footsteps of Paris and Kim? (Yes guys, it's true - women will play you for their own gain, and leave you standing in poop while they climb up the ladder. Just a thought . . .)

In fact, it just came out that Young Sydney was shopping her story for $100,000. Hmmm . . .

And in the same interview she said she didn't know Anthony was married.

Let's give that the smell test: Leathers is an Obama campaign organizer. She's swimming deep in Democrat politics.

Everybody and their brother knew he resigned from the US House over a sexting scandal, and everybody saw his hurt wife - who just happened to be Hillary's top staffer at the time. In fact, Huma's Arab ethnic identity has been fodder for those accusing Hillary of being a mole for the Muslim oil barons.

So tell me you really believe Sydney didn't know he was married. It would be impossible for Leathers to not know about her.

This woman is one ruthless player. "She's a Maneater" is her theme song.

Like I said, I really don't expect much honesty from all the trashers - especially any who say that they wouldn't want her sexting them the same way.

If you felt a little Chris Matthewsque "tingle" up your leg when you saw her pictures, and read her tweets, then tell me why you think Anthony wouldn't enjoy that tingle as well?

And if Huma doesn't mind, who are you to condemn him for what you'd like in your life?

Is this guy psycho for sexting?

After all, he's got thousands of others joining him in sexting every week. It's more mainstream than anyone wants to admit.

And as I said, you may very well be one of them.

Are you psycho?

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