Friday, September 14, 2012

For 16 years, Obama himself said he was born in Kenya - why don't you believe him?

Speaking of Obama, and his personality, someone asked me why I thought it possible Obama was born in Kenya.

I replied, "Because for 16 years Obama told everyone on the face of the planet that he was born in Kenya."

I got that classic doe in the headlights look.

"Obama said he was born in Kenya?" she replied. "I thought he said anyone who believed that was a tin-foil hat whack job?"

Well," I replied, "the real whack jobs are the journalists and Obama himself. He's the one who told the world he was born in Kenya, and he did it for 16 years. The documented truth is that he's only told the world for the past 6 years he was born in America."

"OK," she smiled. "Let's hear it... "

I asked if she remembered the news story about Obama's literary agent's bio on him.

"Here's the way it works," I explained. "The literary agent writes up the bio from the notes given by the client - in this case, Obama himself. After writing it up, the agent requires the client to read it, and sign off on it before it goes anywhere. That's to make sure there are no mistakes in it."

"So you're telling me Obama had to read his bio, and give a written approval before the agent would use it?" she replied.

"You got it," I said. "There is not a single literary agent on Earth who wouldn’t require a client review and signature on the bio. So for 16 years Obama knew his official bio said he was born in Kenya.

"And every time he gave a speech, or was otherwise introduced about his book, the literary agent would provide it for reference. That means that for 16 years, Obama, through his personal acceptance of the signed-off bio's content, told the world he was born in Kenya.

"Now let me ask you, why shouldn't I believe him? Whatever the public appearance, he's standing next to me, and I introduce him, saying he's born in Kenya, and he doesn’t correct me.

“It's his bio, it’s his public speaking events, and he's telling everyone he's born in Kenya. Why shouldn’t I believe him?"

She looked interested.

"OK, so that’s really psycho for Obama to lie about where’s he’s born – I don’t know of anyone except criminals who do that. Got any other examples of him saying he was born in Kenya?" she asked.

"Well, as you know, Obama and his gang like to call anyone who says he's from Kenya a 'birther' - a term meant to insult the other person, in effect saying they are tin-foil hat whack jobs," I added. "Do you think the Associated Press is a birther?"

She broke out laughing; "Of course not! Are you going to tell me that they also said he was born in Kenya?"

"Yeah, I am." I replied. "When Obama was running for the US Senate from Illinois, the Chicago Sun-Times ran a profile story about him that was picked up by the AP and run around the world. In the headline, and in the story, still available on the web, it says 'Kenyan-born' Obama.

"Now do you honestly believe that neither Obama, nor his campaign manager, nor his press secretary, nor his media expert, nor anyone else on the campaign's leadership team read that article?

“Now you know they did - so if that wasn't Obama's official story, then why didn't they get it corrected to say he was born in America? No one would allow such a mistake to go by without a correction - and to this day the newspaper and the AP have never issued a correction on the story that identified Obama saying he was born in Kenya."

"Wow!" she said. "So Obama is telling the world he's born in Kenya for 16 years, and only changes his story when he has to be born in America to run for president. That's really psycho!"

"Yeah, it is," I replied. "The literary agent wasn't instructed by Obama's presidential campaign handlers to change the birth reference until April, 2006 - that was 2 months after he filed to run for president in February, 2006. So they knew he had been telling the world he was born in Kenya for the entire time - 16 years - that the literary agent's official bio said he was born in Kenya."

"Here's my theory," I continued. "Obama went to these colleges - Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard - and defrauded them out of hundreds of thousands of dollars - by claiming to be a foreign exchange student. That makes Obama a serial felon.

"But he’s not alone in this – the colleges are felons too.

“The colleges know by now if he claimed to be a foreign exchange student, as does the US Department of Education. Because they know now that he committed a series of felonies, and they are hiding it from the proper law enforcement authorities, the college presidents, and their vice-presidents for student loans, and the Secretary of Education, and whoever else knows the truth at DoE, is guilty of obstruction of justice.

“So that's why the colleges are acting as accessories to Obama’s felonies; they know that they are now also guilty of the felony of obstructing justice. Basically, they are nothing but felons waiting to be convicted, and they know it.

"So, you've got Obama the serial felon, and all these academic presidents and their VPs, along with the Secretary of Education and the DoE gang, all looking at doing years of hard time in prison. You better believe they want to hide those records as much as Obama does.

“Either that, or..."

"Or what?” she said.

"Or...” I explained, “he really was born in Kenya, just like he said for 16 years.

"So only one of two things is true: Obama is a serial felon, as are the academics and the DoE people. That explains why he's dropped over $2-million to keep his school records locked up. Nobody drops millions unless they are hiding something.

“And it explains why the academics and the bureaucrats are obstructing justice, and acting as accessories to his felonies - people will spend everything they have, and commit even more felonies to keep themselves out of prison.

"The only other option is that he actually was born in Kenya, just like he said for 16 years.

“So here are your only two choices: Either you have a serial felon, surrounded by a bunch of people guilty of obstructing justice and being accessories, all of whom are looking at years of hard time behind bars. Or you have a fraud running for president who knows he's not qualified to run.

"Take your pick - serial felon, or fraud. And in both cases, he's a pathological liar, joined by others who will do anything, say anything, to stay out of prison.

"He, and the journalists who pile onto mocking anyone who questions his birth place, and his supporters who buy his lie, are the real tin-foil hat whack jobs."

Rather naively, she asked, "So why hasn't the press jumped on this?"

"Because they are terrified of the Black Racists," I answered. "If they do anything to him, they get the 'You're racist!' slander thrown at them.

“Or else they just don’t have the integrity to be honest. I'm betting on a combination of both.

"But you and I can be honest; if a white candidate was found to have lied for 16 years about where he was born, or if he was a serial felon, they'd be on him like a dog on a bone.

"In their attempt to appear non-racist, they reveal they are the biggest racists in America.

"And Obama? He's either a serial felon, or a fraud. There is no other explanation."