Friday, July 5, 2013

As Egypt burns, where is our Secretary of State?

As the escalation in violence between members of the pro-Mursi Muslim Brotherhood and the military-backed victors of this week's coup gets worse with at least 6 dead now according to Al Arabiya, the US Secretary of State is busy...

a) Getting debriefed and preparing for a diplomatic statement
b) In the air between point A and point B promoting US domestic and foreign interests abroad
c) Informing Warren Buffett about the aphrodisiac benefits of ketchup
d) Spending a (second consecutive) exhausting afternoon on his sailboat.

And the correct answer is... D

From the Weekly Standard

John Kerry, whose State Department office denied he had been out on his boat until picture proof emerged, is back out there today.

He is pictured above at the helm of his sailboat, front and center in the photo.

And even when it is shown that his office lied, they issue no apology - no guilt, no shame, no conscience. Those are the characteristics of a pathological liar.

Yes, your government will lie to you . . .because they are already pathological liars.

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