Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thanks to Mr. Mustin for this correction on Obama

I received a note from a Mr. Mustin in California noting that I left out a "great" in front of the bloodline of Sen. Obama's father. My thanks for his sharp-eyed notice.

That led to a rewrite of the paragraph to make the concept easier to communicate. It now reads:

"Mr. Obama is 50% Caucasian, that from his mother. What those who want Mr. Obama to write history by becoming "America's first African-American president" ignore is that his father was ethnically Arabic, with only 1 relative ethnically African Negro - a maternal great-grandparent (Sen. Obama's great-great grandparent, thus the 6.25% ethnic contribution to the senator's ethnic composition.).

"That means that Mr. Obama is 50% Caucasian from his mother's side. He is 43.75% Arabic, and 6.25% African Negro from his father's side.

"Put another way, his father could honestly claim African-American ethnic classification. He was the last generation able to do so.

"Sen. Obama could honestly say, "My father was African-American." Racist presumptions led an Ivy League admissions committee, and lazy "newspapers of record" factcheckers, to presume that if his father is African-American, then Sen. Obama must be African-American also.

"But it doesn't work that way. Racist presumptions coupled with sloppy vetting don't turn a lie into the truth.

"Sen. Obama is one generation too far removed from the ethnic African Negro input to make the same claim as his father, Harvard's Admission's stamp of approval notwithstanding.

"As you can see for yourself, Sen. Obama's African-American ethnic claim, when properly researched and documented, is a lie."

My thanks to you for helping proof this critically important research. The post that follows contains this corrected information.


Anonymous said...

could you post Sen. Obama's complete geneology going back to his great-great grandparents? You shorthanded this in your article, and it leaves open the accuracy of your analysis. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Kenneth, thanks for everything you're doing. I checked out a article...

here: "A drunk and a bigot..."

What is interesting is the picture of his father. To the majority of Americans, his father is African, not Arab by appearance.

If you want to talk genetically, DNA links, then that is another subject entirely. But due to appearance, I think it is hard to get past. Certainly, we all knew he had arabic ancestory. That is a given from his name. What is not clear, due to our cultural ignorance, or racial ignorance, is how his father is considered so small a percentage of African by DNA.

regards, the information about his lying in his book does not surprise me, nor the church he attends, with the leaders hatred of all others except blacks, and his final nail in the coffin - blessings to Nation of Islam.

Any other politician would be out for such outrageous bigotry and hatred. Any other politician would be asked why they have not left such a hate-filled church.


Manabuna said...

Stop lying. On another post, you thought Obama's grand mother was "some lady an a traditional African robe"....which means you really don't know what you are talking about.

Look at Barack Hussein Obama's picture and his mother's picture...they're as black as coal. Secondly, the Obama last name is African....only his middle name is Arabic...what does that tell you?

Kenneth E. Lamb said...


I don't have the faintest idea where you came up with saying I made the remark cited that, "Obama's grand mother was 'some lady an a traditional African robe'....which means you really don't know what you are talking about."

Obviously you don't know what you're talking about to cite something I never wrote.

Next you wrote, "Look at Barack Hussein Obama's picture and his mother's picture...they're as black as coal."

Uh, this may come as a shock to you, but Sen. Obama's mother is white. You doing great drugs tonight, or what?

Finally, "Secondly, the Obama last name is African....only his middle name is Arabic...what does that tell you?"

It tells me you know nothing about the Luo tribe and the integrated Arabs who live within it.

The Luo tribe members proper show their heritage by taking on British surnames, also called "Christian names," such as Johnson.

Arabs integrated into the tribe, such as the senator's father and his ancestors, maintain their Arab identity by not taking on a British Christian name.

The reason the Luo tribe members take on British Christian names goes back to their days working under the Arabs from which Sen. Obama's father's side is descended.

As I reported in my original article about the senator, "Barack Obama: Washington Post, Chicago Tribune investigations confirm autobiography lies; now asking: Is "African-American" a lie too?" at , the Luo tribe and Sen. Obama's ancestors were among the last slave traders operating under a direct grant from Queen Victoria. In gratitude for their service to the queen in ridding southern Sudan of the Madhi insurgents in the late-1800s, they avoided the purges of indigenous tribes eliminated from what is called The Great White Plain - that refers to the whites who took land from indigenous tribes for their own use.

I hope you become better informed about African history, and the senator's ancestors.

And in particular, I hope you cease citing authors incorrectly as you did me in your error-filled post.