Monday, February 18, 2008

Answering Comments about Sen. Barack Obama

Receiving the flood of comments about the Obama research is highly complementary. Thanks to all who take the time to write and share their thoughts.

I also want to thank those who are posting my research, or are linking to this blog. I'm open to cross-linking to your site if you will submit the information I need to post to get readers to your site. Please send it to the Comments with the way you want your name to appear to readers, and of course, the http:// address of your site.

Back to the subject of replying to comments, I want to toss out that I do work 10 - 12 hours daily, under tight deadline pressure. Because of that, I will not be able to do the following:

1) Post comments immediately;

2) Answer comments immediately;

3) Put as many words into my replies as those writing may be able to do with their writing.

I'm open to those who agree, and those who disagree. Generally speaking, I will answer comments in the evening or in the late night / early morning hours when I've finished my day's work. Please be patient.

I know from posting messages myself how anxious a person can become looking for their comment, and a reply. I ask your understanding that I lack the luxury of time needed to converse with so many thoughtful people. If my reply is short, please don't take that as anything but the pressures that I work under sapping time for replying to comments.

I'm finding many of the comments fascinating, and appreciate the intellectual energy, combined with mutually respectful language. Even if you disagree with me, if your comment is thought provoking, or edifying, or entertaining, I'll share it as a matter of boosting the overall intellectual interaction.

By the way, if you see a comment and want to address that individual in your comment, feel free to do so. So long as they are elevated to the level of sincere discourse, they will get out for others to read. Caveat: I don't publish flaming posts.

One last point: I explained in a previous post the way my hands may be tied vis a vis what I can write. Please keep in mind those issues when you comment and seek a reply.

"Thank you!" in advance to all who consider my timelines and cooperate.

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Anonymous said...

dear ken -- I applaud you for doing your research and speaking out on the TRUTH about Obama. However, my concern is, that even though your revealings about Obama has been posted for a while, it has not made it anywhere into MSM. This is shocking to me, this is news that the American public needs to be aware of, and the media has ignored it. Of course, I know why, because every one is so incredibly scared of offending the Messiah Obama, that he goes around in a big Obama-bubble, completely unassailable, and whines racism if there is the slightest inkling of criticism against him. but he is so dangerously close to the presidency, that something needs to be done. Is there anything you can do before March 4th to get your word out? Hasn't Larry King or Bill OReilly wanted to interview you? all it takes is one interview, and the news, and truth, will spread like wildfire. Please, Ken, you are the voice of reason, and our only hope, please save the country from Obama. thank you.