Friday, September 6, 2013

Obama is deranged - and must be removed from office if he overrides Congress voting "No" on Syria

By Kenneth E. Lamb 

In all seriousness, if we have learned nothing else about Obama in this Syria mess, it is that we have a deranged man in the Oval Office with his finger on the trigger.

There is no doubt in my mind Obama's narcissistic, psychotic sociopathic mind see these insults as a personal insult to him and his "manliness."

He will react to that by doing something to prove he is the most manly in the world, and because he is a pathological liar, he will tell himself whatever he needs to tell himself in order to fabricate the reality that those "dummies" out there who can't attain to his brilliance and see it for themselves are irrelevant bystanders unfit to even have an opinion (As he did recently talking about the Congress and its understanding of the constitutional powers of the president, and noted "very few of them are even attorneys, and none are constitutional scholars like myself. Their opinions are useless.")

I also have no doubt that if Congress votes "No" on this, he will come up with some mental legal gymnastics to justify his intervention any way.

If that occurs, we will truly be at the instant of having a dictator unbound from everything but his own desires.

This is how Rome became a dictatorship - and how other countries do as well. There isn't some writing in the sky that signals the transition - it just happens and the powers that could stop it, or remove the individual, don't do it. They just go along.

That is what I fear Congress will do. There will be those whores like McCain who will rationalize the dictatorship as instead being a true representation of what "the people" want. The cowards will back down, and Obama will rule uninhibited by anything Congress does in the future.

This is the way it happens folks.

Obama is a whack job - not unlike Hitler. He sees himself as a superior being in terms of intelligence, foresight, and cultural change.

He is deranged.

He must be removed from office if he overrides Congress and tries to establish himself as America’s first dictator.

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