Friday, September 20, 2013

Obama-Kerry-Clinton-CIA decision to arm Al Qaeda results in Al Qaeda gaining ground in Syria - will be able to use US weapons to attck US


 Gaining Ground

The spread of Iraqi al Qaeda groups in Syria
Late 2011 The Islamic State of Iraq, or ISI, al Qaeda's Iraq branch, moves operatives to Syria to set up a new affiliate, Jabhat al-Nusra.
January 2013 Al-Nusra, led by Abu Muhammad al-Golani, announces itself as an official entity in online videos. In the months that follow, al-Nusra becomes a leading Syrian rebel fighting force, attracting thousands of jihadists, including foreigners. It also provides social services in parts of northern Syria—and ends up designated by Washington as a foreign terrorist organization.
April  ISI leader Abu Baker al-Baghdadi changes the name of ISI to Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, or ISIS, in an attempt to swallow Jabhat al-Nusra into a broadened entity. Al-Nusra's leader, al-Golani, rejects the plan, pledging allegiance to central al Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri.
Spring 2013 In the months that follow, the two groups separate. Syrian jihadists leave al-Nusra for ISIS. ISIS begins to attract thousands of foreign fighters to Syria.
June 13 At conference in Cairo of regional Sunni clerics, over 100 prominent religious leaders sign a document urging jihad in Syria; more foreign fighters flock to the civil war.
Aug. 15 ISIS pushes FSA unit the Ahfad al-Rasoul brigades out of the city of Raqqa, after detonating several suicide car bombs, including one that destroyed the brigades' headquarters there.
Sept. 10 A leader of hard-line Islamist group Ahrar al-Sham is killed after a clash at an ISIS checkpoint in Idlib.
Sept. 11 Al Qaeda chief al-Zawahiri urges Islamists fighting in Syria not to work with the secular opposition. He also calls for 'lone-wolf' or small-scale attacks to damage the U.S. economy.
Sept. 11 Syrian government warplanes bomb a field hospital in al-Bab, a town in Aleppo under ISIS control. Residents and FSA fighters respond by attacking the ISIS headquarters in the town.
Sept. 12 ISIS fighters take over a base in eastern Hama including a depot with dozens of rockets, rocket launchers and armored vehicles.
Sept. 13 ISIS's eastern Aleppo unit declares war on its rivals in a campaign it named 'Expunging Filth,' identifying two FSA units by name.
Sept. 18 ISIS and an FSA-allied unit clash in Azaz, an Aleppo town 2½ miles from the Turkish border. An opposition activist in the town said ISIS attacked the unit for trying to obstruct the al Qaeda group from arresting a German doctor working at an Azaz field hospital.

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