Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Obama reduced to making snadwiches: The overthrow of Barack Obama by the last bastion of the Status Quo elites

Reduced to making sandwiches - this is what Obama did while the congressional elites met to work out some kind of budget agreement. The fact that Obama was not involved shows that he is now irrelevant to running America; this is a type of coup overthrowing him and revealing who really holds the power in DC.

If you didn't catch the story about Obama showing up at a volunteer sandwich making charity, you missed the most incredible statement of what Obama has become in the American political system.

That he was outside the WH while budget warfare reigned on Capitol Hill tells you Obama is now completely irrelevant.

They got rid of him because he is useless. If he had a part to play, he would be in the negotiations - he doesn't have a part to play because when things get serious, the elites know they have to get the incompetent Obama out of the picture to get anything done.

For all practical purposes this is the overthrow of Obama as president. From this point forward, the new rulers are the Capitol Hill elites. This is a subtle, but important coup against Obama.

Now we contend with the last bastion of the Status Quo. The facade is stripped away; what everyone always knew was true about his incompetence is laid bare for all to see.

The congressional elites now run the game, and Obama will do whatever they tell him to do - including getting out of town so the adults can get the nation's work done.

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