Wednesday, October 16, 2013

For Boehner, the writing is on the wall for the end of his Speakership as he becomes the Obama of the House

By Kenneth E. Lamb

For Boehner, this is the end. It is the most devastating disaster of his incompetence as a leader.

So Obama and the Dems win again. They won because the Speaker is an inept patsy for their power plays. He is incapable of managing his own House, and now, again, the GOP looks the fool.

He, and the rest of the so-called GOP leadership, again lost the "words war" to the Dems.

The Dems got America to believe the GOP is the villain, and that all the Dems wanted was a "clean" Continuing Resolution - and for some unknown reason the GOP never rebutted their wordsmithing by calling it The Democrats Filthy Continuing Resolution - filthy with ObamaCare and its catastrophic effects.

I lost count of the number of bills the House passed to keep the government funded - sans ObamaCare.

The GOP even got to the point of doing what it should have done first, and passed a bill to require the Congress, its staffers, and the administration's political appointees - including the president, the VP, and their staffers -  to sign-up for ObamaCare themselves - without the ungodly federal subsidies to wipe out the payments from the insured.

(Note to House and Senate members: I want exactly the same Gold ObamaCare policy and federally subsidized net price as you are getting. Let's see your duplicitous selves produce that for me - and for all the rest of us getting stuck with this abomination. We'll be sure to ask when you're going to do that at your next Town Hall.)

But Boehner and his gang of incompetents never got the idea across to America that it is the Dems in the Senate who were keeping the government shut down.

No matter how many times Obama and Reid said they would not negotiate, no matter how many times they said they would not allow the government to be funded on any terms but their own, no matter how many times they lied about a so-called clean Continuing Resolution that was nothing more than a "take it or leave it" acceptance of what they wanted - Boehner and his crew never got the truth across.

That is hard-core incompetence.

Some will blame the MSM. Aren't we at a point now when it has been long enough that the GOP should have built bridges to the American public to make an end run around those propagandists?

There are plenty of conservative outlets - starting with Fox - that offer a forum for communicating the truth; but the GOP could neither communicate the truth nor mobilize the people.

That is also - even more so at this point - hard-core incompetence.

And Boehner is in the power position that he must accept responsiblilty for not doing that.

Of course, all this also lends credibility to the argument that the Congress is a bought-off group of campaign fund whores who do what the oligarchs tell them to do.

If any member of Congress doubts that, get out of The Bubble and walk down the streets of your district or state and just ask anyone you meet. They won't lack for words to tell you off to your face.

Throw in the reality that we now have a Fourth Branch of government - the Money Branch - embodied in the privately held FED and its bank owners - the TBTP (Too Big To Prosecute) Banksters and Wall Streeters, starting with Jamie Dimond - who are now the true source of funding the federal government, and America can see for itself the increasing irrelevancy of Congress in running the country.

Treasury Secretary Lew's crocodile tears warning of fire and brimstone were nothing but a PR stunt in fear-mongering; so what did you expect him to say - that his boss Obama is a lying idiot and nothing big is going to happen to the stock market if the default deadline passes?

Boehner should have vaporized Lew. But instead Lew got away with another Obama lie campaign without a peep from the Speaker.

Let's face it: The stock market is not going to crash so long as the FED keeps printing money out of thin air.
America went bonkers when the elites proposed $800-billion in 1-year for a stimulus plan; Bernanke and his bank-owned FED pump $850-billion into the asset-management firms in just 10 months.

They dump over a trillion dollars a year into stocks through the scam call Quantitative Easing; and they have shipped well over a trillion dollars directly into European banks as well.

If America only knew, and understood, the way it is getting looted by this TBTP criminal class.

But because of the outright powerlessness of Boehner, the poster child for powerlessness, the charade plays on. Only now the House no longer calla the budget shots - the Senate, de facto, does.

Congratulations Speaker Boehner, for abdicating the constitutional power of the House under your watch.

So now the Senate will decide how to spend the money - and the House will again relinquish its constitutional responsibility to decide who gets how much, and when they get it.

Boehner, do the right thing by us, our children, our grandchildren, and all who follow, and resign as Speaker. You have no respect from the GOP or the nation.

You have become the Obama of the House.

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