Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Obama and his transcripts - why they are "what matters"

The issue with the transcripts is not about grades - although many will no doubt get off on that.

No, it is about the issue of whether Obama received federal funds by defrauding schools to which he represented he was a foreign exchange student, born in Kenya. If he did, then he is liable for the criminal penalties.

The problem Obama faces is how to explain the 16-years that he represented himself as Kenyan-born through his literary agent, and throughout his political career through his campaign materials, public statements, and news reports about his campaigns for the IL State Senate, and the US Senate, up to April, 2007, two months after he decided to run for president.

At that point, he suddenly became an American citizen, born in Hawaii - the story you hear today from him and his apologists.

So if you don't consider whether he is a serial felon, as "what matters," then certainly I respect that for your life.

However, I do consider that the issue of who will be POTUS matters critically, because it affects matters ranging from fiscal policy to foreign affairs, to civil peace and economic prosperity (or the lack thereof any of those).

Many people have a major issue - and so to them it is "what matters" - to think that Obama could go 16 years lying about where he was born. How psycho do you have to be to do that? And do you really want someone that psycho as POTUS?

But then, maybe he wasn't lying during those 16 years. Maybe he is lying now about being a US citizen. Maybe the truth is that there is no long-form birth certificate just as the governor of Hawaii - and hardcore Obama supporter - told the world after he went to the Department of Health and couldn't find the long form certificate on file.

The long-form certificate you see now was produced after The Donald pressed hard on the issue - then suddenly - there it is.

Only it isn't the one from the microfilm. No, it is a PDF that many, many PDF engineering experts have pronounced as a forgery. Just as his draft registration card has been shown to be a forgery, and then there is the messy question of how he got a CT SSN living in Hawaii. These questions are all being investigated in the state of Arizona, because the legitimacy of the Office of POTUS is "what matters" to the rule of law in America.

So I guess "what matters" depends on what matters to any of us as individuals. I read ZeroHedge.com and watch one example after another of the total corruption of the US financial world. It is not a republic that we inhabit, it is a kleptocracy. It is littered with kleptocrats who steal anything they want - Corzine comes immediately to mind - and absolutely nothing happens to them.

To many of us the preservation of America is "what matters" - and it matters greatly.

So circle back up to the beginning of this missive, and rediscover for yourself "what matters" to the few remaining honest, decent, people, left in the US.

I know in my heart one of two things is true about Obama: 1) Obama was born in Kenya - no one goes 16 years misstating where he or she is born throughout their professional and political career - or else 2) he was born in Hawaii and told the world he was born in Kenya so he could steal federal money just like his mother did with her welfare payments.

And no matter which of the two is true, the fact that only a pathological liar could do that is also true. Again, how psycho do you have to be to lie like that throughout your public career?

And if anyone asks you why you think Obama was born in Kenya, tell him the truth: Because Obama said himself for 16 of his 21 years in the public spotlight that he was born in Kenya. Obama . . . himself – said he was born in Kenya.

Knowing the truth about the POTUS is "what matters" greatly.

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