Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's over for the Obama Denialist whack jobs

I'm posting this in reaction to the news today that Obama's literary agents said - for 16-years - that he was born in Kenya - and Obama never disputed that assertion.

You'll find the story here:

There comes a certain point when no matter what you want to believe, the evidence becomes so overwhelming that you must decide whether you will accept the truth it proves, or lie to yourself forever.

 The Obama backers, having had a field day with their hate speech about "Birthers," now find themselves in that position.

When the governor of Hawaii went to find the long-form birth certificate, he said it didn't exist, that only some notes about Obama's birth were in the files.

There's a reason the governor didn't find the certificate - it doesn't exist.

When Trump upped the ante about the certificate, we didn't get the original, we got a PDF - which has been rounded assessed as a forgery.

There's a reason why we didn't get the original - it doesn't exist.

Now we get this - a 16-years running bio that Obama used to market himself and his books.

There's a reason why it says he was born in Kenya - because he approved the copy saying so.

I've read some who say "How do we know Obama approved it?"

That is the most disingenuous remark ever; for those of you with absolutely no experience whatsoever in marketing, that may get past you.

For anyone who has ever worked in the profession, you know there is absolutely no way on the face of this planet that bio went out for publication - and stayed out for publication - for 16 years without Obama reading it, and approving it.

Tell me, if it was YOUR bio, would you read it before allowing it to be published? Only a pathological liar can say "No." NOBODY would allow a bio to go out without seeing it and approving it first.

We are left with one of two possibilities

1) Obama was born in Kenya, the long-form birth certificate is, in fact, a forgery, as are his other documents such as the draft card and the social security card, or;

2) Obama lied about being born in Kenya to defraud educational institutions into financing his tuition, books, and who knows what else they wrote a check to pay. And the "Kenya kid made good" story played so well, he kept it up through his Senate campaign in 2004.

Check this URL from the AP written in 2004 about his campaign, saying he was born in Kenya. Is it the position of the Obama backers that Obama didn't see an AP story wrongly saying he was born in Kenya and didn't get it corrected?

Only a total whack job could buy that lie.

Enough of the whack jobs backing Obama. They are the idiots, the morons, the imbeciles who buy the lie no matter what. They are airheads, fools, whatever else they have said about those who demanded proof that Obama was an American eligible to be president.

Yes, the Obama Denialists are the whack jobs.

Somewhere in America there must be at least one federal judge with the integrity to put an end to this lie.

He, or she, MUST issue the proper orders to require the authorities in Hawaii to come up with the original certificate, for the university officials to produce his admission records, to place the literary agents under oath to explain where they got the birth information and tell us if Obama approved it, to compel the AP writer of the Senate story to explain where the Kenya birth information came from, and for whomever gave it, to explain where the source was for that.

Yes, Your Honor - it is up to you to live up to the oath you took, and defend the Constitution against all enemies - foreign, and domestic.

In short, it's time to tell the truth about Obama.

And it's time to no longer allow the real crazies in the US - those who are the Denialists of all the evidence produced, to sit down, shut up, and hide their face in shame.

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