Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama's "crass" Comments Infecting Democrats

In the article posted just prior to this one, I quoted from an article in Times Online, the web version of the Times of London, that called Barack Obama's lipstick on a pig remark, "crass." According to the mainstay dictionary of American newsrooms, The American Heritage Dictionary, the word means, "So crude and unrefined as to be lacking in discrimination and sensibility."

Now it seems Obama's crass nature is sweeping across the Democrat Party like a raging epidemic. Check out this from Politico's Jonathon Martin's Blog:

S.C. Dem chair: Palin primary qualification is she hasn't had an abortion

South Carolina Democratic chairwoman Carol Fowler sharply attacked Sarah Palin today, saying John McCain had chosen a running mate "whose primary qualification seems to be that she hasn’t had an abortion.”

Palin is an opponent of abortion rights and gave birth to her fifth child, Trig, earlier this year after finding out during her pregnancy that the baby had Down syndrome.

Fowler told my colleague Alex Burns in an interview that the selection of an opponent of abortion rights would not boost McCain among many women.

“Among Democratic women and even among independent women, I don’t think it helped him,” she said.

Told of McCain's boost in the new ABC/Washington Post among white women following the Palin pick, Fowler said: "Just anecdotally, I believe that those white women are Republican women anyway."

Looking through the posts following this, I found these posts that seem to me to sum up concisely what we are watching happen to the Obama campaign, and the Democrat Party with him:

"Democrats are in a total meltdown. We've gone from practically recreating the Paul Wellstone Memorial disaster in the way the media reacted to Palin's pick as VP, and now we're rapidly moving towards a Howard Dean "YEA" moment from the Obama team."

Above posted by Mike

"That's right Democrats, keep saying that a Governor, and former Mayor isn't qualified to be President, but a first term Senator who has never had a job as an executive is. That's the ticket to victory. Clearly it's worked real well in the polls."

Above posted by Dave F

Personally, I think that what we have here is that Obama and his cohorts have had the Main Stream Media (MSM) in their back pocket for so long that they have no respect for the MSM any longer. As I mentioned in the previous post, Obama really thinks he just gives a command, in this case his obvious command to the MSM to stop talking about his crass lipstick remark, and the MSM will obediently grovel at the sound of his voice.

And actually, that's understandable. The truth is that they have been Obama's handmaidens. You've got a group of journalists out there who have done some serious prostitution of their profession for him.

Now it's all coming home to roost.

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