Monday, September 22, 2008

Al Franken / SNL: Example Derangement Syndrome

As everyone reading about the presidential elections knows by now, Al Franken, running to become a US Senator from MN, participated in creating a Saturday Night Live (SNL) sketch about Sarah Palin.

And what was it that Mr. Franken and his buddies at SNL thought would be a real belly-buster?

Mr. Franken and the SNL writers wrote a sketch about Todd Palin committing incest with his daughters.

That's right: incest with his daughters.

How sick do you have to be to even imagine it, let alone broadcast it nationally? Well, that's how sick the anti-Palin crowd is.

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The depths of their sick minds seems to be without a bottom. Now they give us a broadcast skit about Todd Palin as an incestuous father. That's sick . . . really, really sick.

What would happen if someone put on national TV a skit about Barack Obama lusting for his own daughters, and having sex with them? Can you imagine the outrage that would follow?

But when it is the lunatic left doing the sick thinking, well, have you heard any moral outrage from any Obama supporters, or Barack Obama himself?

The Obama phenomenon is becoming ever more twisted. Read this report for yourself, and decide:

NBC jokes: Todd Palin has sex with daughters'Saturday Night Live' skit suggests Sarah's husband guilty of incest

Posted: September 21, 2008
2:18 am Eastern

By Joe Kovacs
© 2008 WorldNetDaily - Used with permission

A week after a high-profile send-up of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on "Saturday Night Live," the NBC comedy show returned to making fun of the Alaskan governor in a skit where New York Times reporters sought to probe the possibility Palin's husband, Todd, was having sex with the couple's own daughters.

"What about the husband?" asked a Times reporter during a mock assignment meeting for the paper.

"You know he's doing those daughters. I mean, come on. It's Alaska."

The assignment editor for the Times, portrayed by actor James Franco, responded: "He very well could be. Admittedly, there is no evidence of that, but on the other hand, there is no convincing evidence to the contrary. And these are just some of the lingering questions about Governor Palin."

The skit featured a photo of one reporter and an on-screen message that stated, "In 2009 [reporter] Howland Gwathmey Moss, V was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his Times series on unproven, yet un-disproven incest in the Palin family. Sadly, he was to die 3 months later, run over by a snow machine, driven by a polar bear."

The final shot showed an image of a New York Times page, with headlines that included:"While No Direct Evidence of Incest in Palin Family Emerges, Counter Evidence Remains Agonizingly Elusive" and "In a Small Alaska Town, Doubts Still Linger."

The sketch seemed to be designed to mock how out of touch journalists from the Big Apple are when it comes to their knowledge of Alaska, with left-leaning, Manhattan-dwelling reporters mistaking a snowmobile for a "baptizing machine," a crucifix and a NordicTrack exerciser in photographs held up for them.

Some viewers expressed outrage.

"It is time the Palin family brought out the big guns. They need to sue General Electric, NBC, 'Saturday Night Live,'" said Al Barrs of Bascom, Fla.

"This is clearly criminal and defamation of character of an entire family and state. All the above needs to be taken to their knees big time once and for all."

"What if somebody did one with this kind of humor on Obama and his daughters?" asked Jim Cash of Chattanooga, Tenn. "What an uproar there would be. This line of humor is tasteless and moronic and about as low as they could go. There simply must be an uproar over this. We cannot let this just pass."

But others, such as Ana Jimenez, believe the episode was all in good fun, since the program is a comedy show.

"Anyone that watched Saturday's show and believed the skit in which it was suggested that there was incest in the Palin household needs to have [his] head examined," said Jimenez.

"The purpose of the joke (tacky and crude as it was, I did not care for it at all by the way) was to show how out of touch journalists are – not an attack on the Palin household. Sheesh, get a grip!"

NBC's website for "Saturday Night Live" normally contains video clips of the show's comedy routines, but, interestingly, the clip of the incest sketch was never posted online.

The show opened with a brief skit making fun of truth-enhanced TV ads John McCain was approving for his campaign. One ad claimed that since Barack Obama was in favor of universal health care, that meant coverage for everyone in the entire universe, including terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden.

The Politico reported the opening scene was crafted with the help of former castmember Al Franken, a Democrat currently running for the U.S. Senate from Minnesota.

The season premiere of "Saturday Night Live" last week featured comedic actress Tina Fey returning to the show to portray Gov. Palin in a joint appearance with Hillary Clinton, played by Amy Poehler.


Kenny said...

This is asinine. The target of the joke was clearly, CLEARLY the New York Times, and the incest allegation was portrayed as baseless muckraking (repeatedly, they mention that there is no proof) and is intended to be as absurd, just like the reporters not recognizing a shotgun or snowmobile, or fearing polar bears.

The headlines in the closing shots are a spot-on parody of how the Times can imply scandals where there clearly are none -- not SNL implying that the incest story is true.

Conservatives who are outraged are clueless and humorless. If they can't sit back and enjoy a rare conservatively-slanted skit that is actully taking shots at the NYT for elitism and scandalmongering, they are blind. This can only encourage comedy writers to give up on politically balanced satire altogether, since idiot conservatives will willfully fail to understand even a sketch that is sympathetic to their side.

Aleks Rohde said...

Where is the decency in the Obama Campaign, the revulsion at this horrible skit? Speaks mountains about their mindset.